that our clients have submitted so far

Mr. Krieger is an exceptionally committed attorney who focuses on what is best for his clients. His honesty with the "reality" of cases and his ability to present the situation in very clear terms and language allowed me to understand the process better and be very hopeful for my future. I truly believe I could not have had a better outcome with any other attorney. Thank you Mark!!


Mark Krieger is one of the best matrimonial lawyers and litigators in Nebraska. He is also an effective mediator and is well-respected by lawyers and judges as an effective and professional advocate.

John Ballew

The firm took a positive approach in my needs and the details of my case. They were quick to respond. They paid very close attention to all details. I would recommend them to others.


I have used Mark as my attorney for 15+ years. Straight to the point and no messing around and gets the job done. Don't hesitate using him as your Attorney.


I worked with Mark to get through my divorce. He had great and timely follow-up and explained things very well along the way. I used him again for a custody change. Divorce is an ugly thing and can bring out the worst in the human race. However Mark helped me to stay focused on the important things that in the end are all that matter.
There are some very popular attorneys in Lincoln who are known for being ruthless in depositions and in the court room. Mark is not that guy and was sure I was prepared for what I was about to go through. He knows how to handle himself with these kinds of people and in the court room. Remember during a divorce it is not a show or argument that you are paying for its results! I don't want to ever find myself in need of his services again but would shake his hand and thank him should we cross paths in public. If you find yourself in need of a good competent attorney rest assured he has your best interest in mind.


Mark will go to bat for you.

If you're looking for an attorney who truly understands the law and is committed to you and your family, hire him. I've dealt with many attorneys. Some good and some bad. He's exceptional. If you value being contacted in a timely manner and having straightforward, pragmatic advice, he's your man. No attorney can win every case. With that said, he has a track record any attorney would be extremely proud of. Improve your odds and be smart. Get the very best and hire Krieger.